Ted Sparks



TED SPARKS is a luxurious scented candle brand with a large collection of luxurious scented candles.

TED SPARKS was an adventurer who loved life.

During his trips around the world he met different cultures, each with their own fragrances and styles.

The little things in life are very important for Mr. SPARKS; A glass of whiskey, a cigar or a crackling fire with his loved ones. Inspired by the cultures he met, TED SPARKS created a collection with fine fragranced and stylish designed scented candles.

Mr. SPARKS selects his ingredients carefully and uses the finest and richest fragrances available to create the loved scented candles.

The scented candles can be used wherever you like, just place it on a nice spot.

The TED SPARKS collection is available in 2 fragrances:

  • White tea & Chamomile
  • Orange & Cedarwood

Enjoy your place, filled with a lovely atmosphere


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  • 2018 (7)